Retro Football

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Based on my TI-83/84 plus calculator verision with over 17500 downloads.

1.03 Update: Passing

Play a retro (American) football game against a computer defense. Find a friend and play together.

- Run, pass (and kick) your way to the end zone
- Customizable keyboard controls
- Retro graphics
- 4 Difficulty Modes

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Football Screenshot     Football Screenshot


Just like the real thing. Thanks! -Mark P (10/26/2010)

I had this game years ago and i finally found it again! Its a lot of fun, but could really use the pass option from the original game -ryan (7/5/2010)

Good game. Almost like the one I used to play. You should add the pass option from the old game though. Field goal and punt are nice additions here -Steven (6/16/2010)